Advanced Analysis with EW




About Course

This segment involves both Technical and Options Analysis for those who want to
make trading their career and skyrocket their financial standing. Moreover, it
involves money management, trading psychology, and will get a 1-month

  • Technical Analysis
    It involves the study of price in the form of charts & analysing patterns formed
    through price movement. It will help you in knowing breakout or breakdown,
    Leading and Lagging Indicators, Chart Patterns, and Price Action Patterns, and more.
  • Option Analysis
    Essentially designed for hedging but now the scope has broadened to short-term
    trading as well. Index option volumes show the rise of interest in option trading. It
    will include option chain analysis, Open Interest Analysis, directional & non-
    directional strategies, etc.
  • Money Management
    The management of money may seem like a worrying task, which strikes the
    nervous chords at times but just like staying fit is the need of human life, a sound
    money management is equally essential for a prosperous life. You will learn to
    monitor your position in the stock market and strengthen it well.
  • Trading Psychology
    From being disciplined to the risk-taking aspect of trading, one should be prepared
    for the volatility of the stock market. In this course, you will learn the right methods
    to implement these aspects to ensure successful trading.

  • 1-month Handholding
    Under the Advanced Analysis Course, you will get a whole month’s handholding
    where you will get constant support and guidance from our SEBI-registered research
    analyst, Ashutosh Bhardwaj.
  • Our online classes will take place every Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday in 2 batches. You can attend any of these batches at your convenience:
    Batch 1: 05:00 PM to 07:00 PM
    Batch 2: 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM
    In addition to this, if you cannot attend the online class, the recording of the same will be available for your later consumption for a month.



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