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Students Reviews

Here’s what our students have to say about their experience with us.

Sir Ashutosh Bharadwaj taught us Elliott wave theory from scratch. I, with no previous knowledge of technical analysis, found it very interesting and useful, especially when taught by such a sincere and hard working teacher, learnt a lot, thanks sir!

Bharati Kamboj

Realy teaches greatly and clears your doubt till u r satisfied.

Also one of the teacher that teaches a method that works in the market.

Thanks for all ur teaching.


He is having good teaching ability, tone of voice, his indepth knowledge, his method of elaborating each situation is helping all students

Ashiish Uplenchwaar

Really awesome technique. Sir’s knowledge in Elliott wave simply unique. He is giving enough time to resolve the query.

Ashutosh Awasare

This was an awesome session, a really complex subject, explained with great simplicity,by Ashutosh sir, his patience with students is exemplary, what to say about his knowledge, its beyond expectations, a wonderful human being,and down to earth person, really loved learning from him

Gagan Jain

The course content and teaching method was practical and insightful

Chiranjit Mandhata

Learning is v.good


I had the privilege of learning from Ashutosh Sir(@Logical Nivesh) in their EW class, and I can confidently say it was a transformative experience. His expertise in the field is unparalleled, evident from their ability to simplify complex concepts and make them accessible to students of all levels. His expertise, passion, and dedication to students make him an exceptional teacher. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn from him.

Parag V Shah

One of the most valuable aspects of his courses is the focus on real-world applications. Ashutosh integrates current market scenarios and historical data to illustrate key concepts, which has given me a practical understanding of how to apply what I’ve learned.


Sushil Agrawal

I must say I have never had such a great experience before with financial mentors. It feels nice to have someone always guiding you with the most genuine aspects and assisting you in learning about investment. They give personal attention to each of their students and are very helpful. Logical Nivesh Academy will undoubtedly remain my permanent guiding light.

Abhinav Kitha

I and my wife are the only earning member in a family of 6. We know how to manage things but we were lagging behind in financial planning. After enrolling in one of their stock market courses in Delhi, I was glad to learn from Mr. Ashutosh Bhardwaj who taught us everything about the financial market and how to utilise it to the best of our interest.

Abhishek Tyagi

I have had the opportunity to learn about the stock market in such depth that I won’t mind recommending their courses to anyone looking for healthy financial planning. They assisted me in thick and thin. The output of their teachings has always been profitable for me. Because of Logical Nivesh Academy, I feel assured of my future financial security.

Anil Sharma

Ashutosh Sir’s story where he started from the scratch to grow into the successful stock market pro he is today, inspired me to give it my all efforts and energy and learn everything about technical analysis. He teaches everything in detail, keeping it light and easy to understand. Especially when he shares real-life experiences to make us understand a topic. I can rely on it as he is sharing his own learnings from his personal experience.

Shashi Bhushan Bhardwaj

The way Ashutosh Sir understands the market and explains the same to his students like ABC, is something I really appreciate about him. He starts from the very beginning, establishes a base of the industry, and then eventually builds the rest of the passage for us to follow. I did not know that I had it in me to understand the financial market and one day invest in it. Thanks to Ashutosh Sir for making it possible.

Sangeeta Mehta

I registered for his class when I got to know he is a SEBI-Registered Research Analyst. And I am happy with that decision as I learned a lot in a short span of time. His ways of teaching are very practical and useful in real life. Everything is easier now.

Udit Thapa

Ashutosh Sir teach like we are sitting face to face in his class. It don’t feel like it is online. I am very thankful for teaching me about stock market basics. I am using it in trading now.

Sushant Singh

Friends and family said share market is not safe, I will lose money, I will go in debt, etc. But Ashutosh Sir’s teachings made everything simple for me. I have also earned quite well because of his help and my own learnings in the market. Now everybody in my friend circle want to learn trading and I recommend Logical Nivesh and Ashutosh sir to them.

Sugandha Kumari

I was not sure whether I should go ahead with an offline class or get myself enrolled online. So I went ahead with my gut feeling and registered at Logical Nivesh. And to be honest, Ashutosh sir made it sound so easy and doable that I enrolled for another course after the completion of the basic one. He doesn’t disappoint when it comes to correlating market scenarios with the current trends. That makes the teachings even more fun

Aman Kukreja

I had no interest in learning from an online trading course but registered on a friend’s recommendation. And I thank him till day that he introduced me to Ashutosh Bhardwaj sir’s stock market courses. It is easy to understand and learn. Go for it.

Rishita Mishra

Trading became easy after learning from a pro like Ashutosh sir, who is not just a SEBI-Registered Research Analyst but also has a talent for teaching. Not everyone is a good teacher just because they are good at something. But he is good at both. Thank you sir for teaching me ABC of the trading world

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