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What is Social Finance

Social Finance

The 2022 Twitter trends India report grabs the eyeballs with its biggest emerging movements based on three aspects – Finance goes social, Fan-built words and Entrepreneurship hits peak culture. This report is a representation of what’s now, what’s upcoming and what the future vision is. The three trends are identified by cultural and data experts from the billions of tweets from January 2020 to December 2021.

Twitter is the best platform for influential and result-driven people, who yearn for the big ah! movements shaped by public conversations into a historic change. Preetha Athrey, director of global business marketing, Twitter APAC said, “Twitter, as a driver of both trends and real-world change, has evolved as a service that not only provides people a space to connect but a window into culture. The Twitter Trends Report captures the themes and interests that are shaping consumer behaviour in the Indian market, and outlines top trends for brands to lean into to become a part of conversations that are happening right now, and will continue to grow.”

According to a press release, social finance and entrepreneurial spirit aroused by the three latest trends can be described as

  1. Finance goes social – Finance goals and investments have taken a comfortable space in people’s chat boxes. People are turning to Twitter to learn more about financial literacy, crypto, investments, banking and others. Conversations majorly focus on sharing knowledge on finance and encouraging to invest and learn more about it. There has been an increase of around 62 per cent in discussions about finance goals. Financial literacy discussions have boomed up to 185 per cent. With this interest in digital finance and the entertainment industry embracing Web 3.0, interesting topics like NFT + Bollywood, Bollycoin and Beyond Life have emerged as topics to watch out for.
  2. Fan-built worlds – Fans are getting more vocal and indulging in innovative ways to converse about the world they want to be a part of. With a 47 per cent increase in discussions around fandom, Twitter is doing its part by extending the reach and impact of fan voice. Not just entrepreneurship and digital finance, there has been a 55 per cent increase in conversations around #CricketTwitter. Superhero fans are growing by 35 per cent with #DCFanDome and Marvel Fans. Local voices are getting louder by 14 per cent on Kollywood, 23 per cent on Tribalism and much more.
  3. Entrepreneurship hits peak culture – startup culture has emerged as the third largest unicorn ecosystem in India. Concepts like a social entrepreneur and digital entrepreneur are grabbing huge attention among Twitter communities. There has been a remarkable rise of 22 per cent in discussions around entrepreneurship and 269 per cent around female entrepreneurs. It’s no longer a boys club, women startups have hiked with a 40 per cent increase in women joining the conversations.

Irrespective of what business you are in, the coming months will define how the brand-consumer relationship will get evolved, revealing the upcoming trends and their behaviour on Twitter.          

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